Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day 32 begins


Day 32 begins

I woke at a reasonable hour for a change, but it was because of having a nightmare. I couldn't make head nor tail of the dream only knew I had woken in a sweat. A girl in a green jacket I had wanted to speak with and a woman in a blue dress with a blue cloth hanging down over her face that I hadn't. 

It was around 7.30 am and as I got out of the tent I surveyed the area I had slept in. I couldn't believe my eyes for a moment, I was on a field behind the Cleveland Police station, head quarters. No wonder I had heard so many sirens throughout the night....
Well fortunately they hadn't seemed to have noticed me either so that was a good thing. Better out here than in there.
I packed up quickly and set off into the town to discover what it had to offer me. I hadn't traveled far when I found the other bar Carl had told me about, the Isaac Wilson. It was open for breakfasts, handy for me and it was also a Wetherspoons, so free internet. I was getting behind with my blog so decided this would have to be my days task, at least before I caught up somewhat. I spoke briefly with Nathan who was one of the managers and he didn't mind me sitting quietly to use their facilities in the corner of the room. (As you read this I am currently a week behind. (29/7/12) Sorry guys...I am rubbish at typing and have not met any secretarial volunteers yet...x)
I had a small cooked breakfast which was 'uber' cheap and lots of tea to keep me going. I got a text from the gang from South bank after a while and rang and spoke with Alan who was now back from Staithes with his friends and sister. He invited me over to meet his mum and some of his family, and I couldn't refuse the offer of more kindness now could I?
I caught a bus this time and they met me at the stop. It was a nice huggy reunion and they were glad to see I had survived the past few days safely in Middlesborough. I told them about where I had slept last night and it appeared that one of the boys had also been sleeping there, though not out on the green. Something to do with Daz's missing Ipod and the Police, had brought him here by Police taxi.
I was warmly welcomed by many friends keen to ask all about my walk and catch up with Alan and Joanne and Becky and all about their brief holiday to Staithes. Joan, Alan's mum was happy to make me tea and fuss over me and I felt like a very welcomed guest. Later I joined in for a while with the cider and beer drinking, but explained that I was not a huge fan of alcohol, or drinking through the day time, but I went to the shops later to help provide something towards my hospitality, that was happily received by the group.
I met two of Alan's children, and many friends of his from all around the area. I was flagging a bit by the time the party slowed down and was glad that I had been offered the sofa to spend the night on. Joan gave me all I needed for the couch and said I was to help myself and make myself at home if I wanted anything.
I wasn't entirely comfortable with being given so much freedom but it did tell me one thing. They trusted me and felt comfortable with me in their home. I am not used to being treated so well by complete strangers, but over the past month I had been treated like this on many occasions, by the Goslings in their home in Lincoln, by Ang and the owners of the George Inn, Barton upon Humber, Mac from Hornsea, and by Matt from Scarborough. And now Joan, and Alan from South Bank, and of course all the other lovely people who have been mentioned in the blog so far.
Alan had apologised that he had been partying hard for several days and now he was ready to hit the sack and thanked me for coming over to see him again. I liked Alan, despite any cultural differences between us. He was a real character and had lots of positive energy to share, I just hope that he could find a job and restore some of his personal pride, lost surely by so long on the dole queues at the job centers. He and many here in Teeside alike may have little to keep them hopeful of any changes in the near future. Alan wanted to work and said that he would do practically anything offered if it meant getting a better future for his kids.
I'm no great judge of these things, all I see is that desire has waned in many people because they feel deserted by the system that they believed was there to help them.
I had a bit of a chat with Joan before she retired for the night, and settled down in the luxury of the sofa and was out like the lights.
Day 32 came to a pleasant end.

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