Thursday, 5 July 2012

Day 12 begins

Day 12 begins

I came down for breakfast at around 7.30 a couple of other guests were long gone, one was having his breakfast as I arrived but soon left, we passed a few brief pleasantries, typical of people in a quiet room together. I left with Sarah a small gift for Ang the lady with a big heart who had done an amazing kindness. I hope that she knows how much it meant to me and the Imagine project. Her thoughtfulness had put me in such a good mood, and I felt on top of the world, despite the weather disaster outside. A cruel British summer so far. As it was still early, Sarah allowed me to carry on using the room and the internet, so that I could catch up with yesterdays blog entries. And there I was for a few hours. Maybe I should get on a typing course and learn to touch type. My ability is reasonable for a man, and for a chunky fingered working man, but speed is not my scene. Or is it because I am so careful with the content that I read it back too often???

I set off into town to have a look at all the delights of an old settlement. Some amazing old buildings with lots of history attached to them, showing some of the wealth of ancient British culture and architecture. The old tradesmen knew some beauty in their work. Not that I disrespect modern tradesmen, but some periods in history surely were far more concerned about aestetics than funcionality alone. 

I walked down to The Waters Edge, the Humber viewing center that was about 6 years old. It again was a definitely good resource for local people and visitors from everywhere. I saw a group of people who had been out on one of the Nordic walking courses organized here a few times a week, and spoke with a few of the ladies who were loving the experience and fitness benefits. I sat in the cafe downstairs to type more of the blog and soaked up the beauty of the wetland areas being inhabited by an incredible range of species, plant and animal. Ducks and geese swam alongside the outside terraces and there had even been a goat farm I passed at the entrance too. I imagine this place is a haven for families and bird watchers and outdoor pursuits enthusiasts, like me.

There was also many indoor activities and displays on all the many things to be seen and learned here, for kids to enjoy the massive wealth of experience by the estuary. I visited an exhibition of photographs by a local man Ian Wilson, from the next street. Entitled land and sea, it was a collection of excellent pictures of motorcycling venues and Yatch racing exploits.
I love these places. They are free to visit and add so much detail and creativity to the minds of the observer. Soon enough I had decided that the rain wasn't going to abate, so I would just have to brave the elements. I was hoping that it would stop as I wanted to make a documentary of the bridge crossing. Well I mean I wanted to do a small video of my trill at going over into East Yorkshire and talk about what an incredible structure of engineering I was about to use to cross a mighty river, the Humber.
When I arrived there it was still p...........persistently raining.

I made the clips anyway, I appologise if I wasn't smiling enough, the stinging rain hampered my enthusiasm somewhat, but I did a reasonably good job I think of trying to catch the mood I had to move forward and meet more wonderful people.
It took me about half an hour I guess to cross. It is only 1.4 miles total span and 0.9 miles open span between the towers, but I was getting carried away taking snaps and looking in detail at the construction. It is an awesome piece of work, which has linked the industries of North of the Humber with the South. Did you know that to take into account the curvature of the earth, the builders made the tops of the towers 36mm further apart than the bottom. How the hell they measured it is beyond me. I have never seen a tape measure that long.

After all the dilly dallying, I eventually made it back to terra firma. Dry (ha ha ha you are joking right?) land to you and me. The sign said that the bar was open and I needed a drink after all this space walking. Being this far above the river/seawater was a bit heady.

And so, 'Welcome to East Yorkshire Peaceful Warrior.'
(There wasn't a sign saying this, obviously)

I wound my way along the footpaths under the bridge again, had a look at it from the underside and then headed towards Hessle. I got my first sights of the Yorkshire roses, a few gardens delightfully arranged and so colourful, I just had to snap them. There were some pretty luxury houses I noticed nestled in amongst the tree lined avenues. It is a pretty place to live by the looks of it.

I went into a cafe and asked for a coffee and she told me that they were closing in about 3 minutes. I looked at the clock and saw to my amazement that it was almost 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I made my way along to a bar in the town. The Admiral. I had a bite to eat and again used the facility of internet to get ahead with the blog. You see how dedicated I am? All day typing and no rest. I people watched and spoke only briefly with a few people, they seemed busy doing their stuff, as was I so was content to just listen in to the mundane and the trivia of everyday lives, the relationship difficulties and the love stories. I saw a couple of young girls having a kissing competition in the vestibule, and made no judgement other than to see how much love was in their eyes as they parted. Young love eh?

I wrote a bit of poetry whilst sitting here, the subject matter varied as I watched the world go by. I packed up whilst there was a lull in the wetness falling down over the small town and set off again into the late evening. It had been a good day in the main and I had enjoyed it all. I carried on towards Hull and eventually decided to park myself for the night In Pickering park, right next to the fishing lake/duck pond. I didn't see any signs prohibiting it and besides I always tidy up and leave the place as I found it. It was a warm but muggy evening and I noticed that my sleeves inside my coat were a little damp, but hey, I was alive happy and enjoying the adventures.

Day 12 comes to and end.

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