Friday, 13 July 2012

Day 21 Begins

Day 21 Begins

The sun was out as I woke and so I quickly got up to allow all the wet things I had dry. The night was warm and I slept well, but the end of the sleeping bag was a little damp. I will either have to buy a new tent or get this one waterproofed again. The job of packing away took a little longer than usual but it was at least not raining on me. I was still only metres way from the Cleveland way and soon got on the track towards the hills on the outskirts of the town.

As I walked into the beginning of Scarborough I met with a man out walking a dog, Michael a man originally from Lewisham Kent/London, who had moved away some years ago. He said that given a better health he would have walked with me a while but we chatted anyway and passed a good time expressing ourselves amicably. He seemed a little pessimistic about things, basically saying what I had witnessed from a lot of people so far. That the good old days were gone and that a Great Britain was a thing of the past. And that the governments didn't seem to pay attention to the ordinary man in the street very much except to get their taxes for use on rubbish and civil servant bonuses and bankers salaries. I noticed that he also had that kind of attitude that was that if no-one else could be bothered neither could he. He admitted that was pretty well his attitude, but he did accept that if given the chance he would help people out. He liked the idea that John Lennon sponsored, the one about giving peace a chance, but said that it would take more people working together before that would happen. Amen to that my friends....!!

I followed the Esplanade crescent which gave me exceptional views of the bay and the park here at the top. The gardens were immaculately kept and they were a tribute to the hard work of the grounds staff. I passed the Fenicular railway, an old tram that went only up and down the cliff to ferry people who didn't like walking hills. I heard a jazz orchestra somewhere and was surprised to see way down at the bottom of the cliff, a glazed open concert area, where the band, all dressed in stripey blazers were playing. It was nice to listen for a while though I am not traditionally a jazz fan. It felt good to be seeing and hearing so many things as I walked the country, towards Scotland.

My ankle was not really a problem though I had sort of decided to perhaps stay here a day or so to let it heal or rest. I have also made a pact not to use accommodation that I have to pay for more than once a week, to save the funds I need to keep going for longer. As I passed the fancy looking Grand Hotel I saw signs in the window that were advertising rooms, from £25 including bed and breakfast. Now I thought, I'll have some of that, just to be able to get myself sorted and properly clean and a decent rest. As I approached the desk the young looking clerk/reception manager hovered but never quite committed to speaking with me. I was a bit surprised as in every other hotel the staff were at least courteous even if they thought I had been a tramp, which I'm sure I don't yet resemble. The man seemed to allow every other task to take a president even speaking to someone who had entered behind me. Now as peaceful as I am, I waited until he could no longer deny me his time. Before I had finished the sentence he had said there were no rooms and none at the sister hotel either. I nearly burst out laughing at his lack of tact, and his clear snobbery, but resisted the urge defiantly. I pushed him further and he seemed to soften more from embarrassment than anything else as he fumbled with computer keys apparently looking for a room. I don't like putting people in awkward situations but he had pushed the buttons that meant I would fight his prejudices. I said that as I was walking to raise money for charity, I had to save money and so (despite the fact that I could have paid for the best room in his crummy hotel) needed to keep costs down. The computer says NO....!!

I left feeling triumphant that I had taken the challenge on and saved money. But I still hadn't got a room. I walked the streets for a while and went into pound land to get a few things. I chose a seat out in the main shopping street and ate my sandwiches and enjoyed the views. A lady came along and was very chatty and not the least bit perturbed talking to a stranger. She told me that she had been a keen walker her whole life and she and her husband Ken had done lots of walking around England. Curiously she suggested that I go to Pickering, where she came from, as there was lots to see she told me. Hesther Richardson was a retired lady with a twinkle in her eyes and plenty of chat, which was just what I needed to find sitting here besides me. We continued talking for some time before she had to set out for the bus home. I may well take her up on the tip to visit Pickering tomorrow.

I spent the rest of the afternoon sheltering from the constant drizzle and cloudy mugginess of the day in The Lord Rosebery pub with free internet and affordable beverages. Just to rest my ankle and get up to speed with my accounts. The day flew by in a heartbeat and soon it was time to find a home for the night. I checked the google map and saw a park area near to the town on the north side. As expected I found a bridge that I could hide beneath and the extra shelter for the tent should ensure that I wouldn't get soaked tonight.
I was quickly into my bed and brushing my teeth, as I had just finished the burger from earlier that was too big to eat at once.
Life wasn't at all bad and my spirits had been further boosted by the good people of North Yorkshire again. I dreamed of special people and set my head down and was gone in seconds.

Day 21 ended sweetly.

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