Tuesday, 21 February 2012

New Blogs

The all new Peaceful Warrior mission, is to continue with the Imagine project at great speed. That is to say, that I am still as keen as ever to get it rolling despite little or slow progress so far.

I have to realise that where I think and act with great urgency, (not blindly, but with determination and conviction) others may be a little more difficult to motivate to join my thirst for change. I know that everyone wants to see better harmony and more joy in their lives, and I believe that Imagine may be able to help point people in that direction and achieve results in their levels of attainment of happiness.

I am not promoting anarchy nor any type of civil unrest towards the Status Quo (they are a phenomenal band by the way) but am attempting to kick start the debating that obviously needs to be had, and in the not too distant future, before we really do lose all hope of getting ourselves out of this financial mess we have created. The government will keep on telling you to let them sort it out, they have all the answers, but they clearly don't. If they did we would never have gotten into this mess, and would be well on our way to seeing relief from it by now.

I believe, if they just looked at what caused the crash in the first place, ('The fat greedy driver', with so little room to turn the steering wheel) rather than the use of this tyre or that, or what type of antifreeze to put into the engine, then we would be better placed to survive this terrible accident, and come out with only minor scratches. In this analogy the bus driver had the air bag to protect him, everyone else got injured. Apply this to the real scenario. Which of the bankers/investment experts/oil sheiks/company bosses/governmental leaders, really suffered as they left with their pockets full of our money???

Oh yes that's right..... very few of them.... Especially Fred Goodwin.....

I hope that my new ventures will add some satyrical clue as to what I believe could help us sort this out. Frank open discussions, with each side of the debate being put forward without the depressive randomness of current government stratagies. (The same used by every other preceding one too) Maybe through getting the great British public out of their shells and onto the discussion forums, with objective clarity, we could all avail ourselves of more light on the subject at hand. Greed OUT, prosperity for all, IN...!!

List of blogs/places where we can share our views

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Big hugs and loads of love.

Peaceful Warrior.