Thursday, 24 November 2011

Great News.

Things are beginning to happen as you will be able to see now, collaborators are coming on board to help the project move forward. A very kind man has agreed to build the website (for free) and host it and make it be one of the best damned websites out here on the net. It is under construction as we speak, so hopefully all the wrinkles can be ironed out soon and all you good people will be able to begin contributing more easily.

My thanks go to Aaron and his family for their participation in this.

I am hoping that a new contact will prove to be the oil for the wheels as I speed ahead. Jenni has helped put some of these contacts to good use, and I am hoping that by the time we get underway with the walk next spring, that all the ingredients will be in place for the mixing together of them as we bake together the cake of our friendships and united efforts towards learning what we can all do to make Britain great again. Then it will be on to even greater things...

Please feel free to offer any ideas, comments and or constructive criticism that could help things to get us moving faster, I need your input. After all it is a community project that I am sponsoring here....

Big hugs everyone.



Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Project Imagine 2012 Quick Read.

Walk the World


Peaceful Warrior

Project 2012-2013


Walk with a stranger, make a new friend.

My name is Peaceful Warrior, and I am going to try to save to world…!

In reality what I am initially proposing here is to go out and walk approximately 3000 miles around Britain and walk with and meet people at grass roots level and find out what they want from life, and what they are prepared to do to get it. I hope to share an experience with them, in their own environments and learn what it was, is and could be, to be part of our once ’Great’ nation.

Our ‘United’ Kingdom, which has let that ideal slip somewhat, is I see, as many other countries in a state of panic. But what shall we do to save the way of life we once thought so very important, that we fought two world wars over? We have here a very diverse nation of people who seem unable to see clearly how to communicate effectively and are thus relying on others to sort this out for them. Our politics cannot legislate for peace. We need to be the peacemakers, if we would have harmony and happiness brought into our lives.

To do this I hope to start both a documentary and a website dedicated to letting us all share our ideas and witness the level of commitment being shown behind the scenes as it were, by unsung hero’s who are keeping our nation together by a thread. I hope that televised documentary footage will give each and every one of us a better understanding of each other and the diversity of our communities. I hope to highlight what we could do both individually and collectively, to turn the tide of apathy and despondency and become doers of the work needed to build ourselves into a strong united country once again. Singularly, little will change in a hurry, together we could move mountains. Unity is powerful! 
I also aim to raise in excess of £50,000 directly for charity to help sponsor more care for the less able and less fortunate, predominantly children and the homeless with all funds sent directly via website links. The walk would take approximately a year and although I would have basic financial needs to be met (food and shelter) I would be asking for no wages or fees for my time or the work done in this endeavour.

This is where I will need your help. In order for this project to reach a successful conclusion I ask that you or your organisation contribute a charitable donation to this venture. If possible I also ask for sponsorship or practical help in other areas such as publicising, fund raising, filming, assistance with my basic living costs or simply walking with me. Your ideas and comments would be highly valued. In return, I will do as much to repay that charity and goodwill as possible, by way of free advertising on my website, and acknowledgements in the film footages. I am not a professional film maker but will happily do the main part of the footage myself with a lightweight video capturing device that I will carry in my backpack. Or I could get people in the towns and places I walk to make video footage of our encounters, that could then be used as the documentary basis. Again, sharing being the optimum aim of this project. (Film crew G.B.)

It has been my experience that walking gives us time, to review all the events that shaped the way we are individually and collectively in society. Sharing this experience with as many people who care to come on a daily basis would I believe help society get the answers to the problems we are presently facing. Unlike politics which seems to want to work from the top down as a separate entity, I hope to push from the bottom up, an ordinary man, meeting with ordinary people.

Gandhi once said. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

This is what I am attempting to do and be with regards the project at hand and my life in general. I therefore chose the name Peaceful Warrior to better describe, not who I was, but who I am and who I choose to be.

With your dedicated help and support, I believe we can together, put the ‘Great’ back into Britain, and be pioneers for lasting peace. It won’t happen over night of course, but at least we can make progress.

I have put together a more comprehensive idea of my aims and proposals for the project ‘IMAGINE. Walk with a stranger, make a new friend.' If you reached this point keen for it to work then please ask for further details, or read the prospectus on my website or blog. If not, I will miss your support but please, pass it on or at least recycle the paper it is written on!

Contact me directly or read my web/blog pages.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

Love, Peace, Harmony.

Peaceful Warrior.
Peoples poet, man of peace.'

Prospectus for project Imagine 2012

Walk the World
Peaceful Warrior

Project 2012-2013

Walk with a stranger, make a new friend.

Stage 1.

The idea is that I can get a film crew to come along and document the many encounters I have with people around the country who randomly choose to walk with me. Or for me to film myself, the tales I learn along the route.
I would like to share with as many people as possible ideas and thoughts about our lives and ways in which we could all apply ourselves to trying to live in harmony with one another, putting the ‘Great’ back into our once great nations’ title. Let’s make Britain great again, by being pioneers for peace.
I aim to discover the great and extraordinary diversity we have of many races, religions, creeds, faiths, cultures, sexual bias, age, appearance, and upbringing as well as political opinions. Doing this I would try to thread a coherent link between all of these people from many regions and ethnically diverse backgrounds whom reside under the banner of, the ‘United Kingdom.’ And as we witness at the present moment, it is anything but united.
Having walked to many places and with thousands of miles under my belt so to speak, I have met peoples from across the globe. I have walked across Spain, east to west and more recently, from the southern most point all the way to the northern most point, following the Camino de Santiago. Many of these folk that I had met helped me to realise just what a large amount of kind, and generous people there are on this planet, both visiting and or residing in those places. It is my belief that our own country contains numerous examples of this type of selfless person, and it is one of the aims, to go out and find them and tell their stories to the world. By recognising their input into the world I hope to prove that society is still strong and can withstand the current pressures. Instead of focusing solely on the negative aspects of the news in general, the rioting and criminal elements, those who seek civil disobedience over a more constructive and productive way of life, I hope to show really open and honest characters. I hope to be able to demonstrate how great we can all feel about the selfless work being done by the unsung hero’s of our time, and the efforts they are making to live peacefully and in harmony.
Two world wars have been fought, supposedly to preserve our way of life, and yet I see either that has not worked, or the core values have eroded, been lost or disseminated. With my project under way the once great nation could revisit just what was great about our country’s, and then use that knowledge to readjust the way to rebuild our hopes with a shift in our individual and joint consciousness.
Walking is a lovely way to have time to think, review and contemplate all that has happened in our lives. It has been my personal experience just what can be done when focusing on ourselves and what part we really play in the way we are developing and shaping the future of civilization. Walking with strangers is a unique way to get an open and new perspective on views, values and all other topics. Being strangers often lets the new information flow more easily, because friends and family already know us, and to some degree judge us or block out certain observations. They may also be unavailable for us to reveal our deepest beliefs and most profound thoughts. Something cathartic happens when you share this all with a stranger, someone who has only the current information upon which to base any ideas and thoughts about you. It can also be a very motivational experience, once the newness of our discussions comes to the forefront of our minds again.
After all, is it not because we fail to communicate effectively, that conflicts arise in the first place?
Why not approach the problems from a non judgemental perspective. Listening, contemplating then reviewing our own personal reactions to these reminded stories. It could just be possible, if we take the time, that we could save ourselves more pain and misery, anxiety and suffering in the future. In a world that has clearly lost faith in God, should we not try to review just how diligent we ought to be in pushing against the tide of self motivated individualism, and take personal responsibility to push against that flow. Maybe paradise is not something that we have to wait for, but what we have to create. Under our own steam, little changes in a big hurry, but together we could do wonderful and truly amazing feats of goodness. Unity is powerful!!
But don’t we first need to find out what each person wants, and would truly work hard to achieve?
Let us be the change!

I would hope to be able to walk and meet as many people as possible. Accept their kindnesses and hospitality, and share with them, partly in their environments, just how life really is for each individual. Unlike politicians, who try to work from the top down, I hope to be able to help push from the bottom up. Using the tales, personal stories and real life experiences of ordinary folk, I believe we could better address the social ills and misunderstandings that have helped to create a disjointed and (effectively) non communicative society.
Of course many like myself are trying hard to change things in their communities and social groups working for the betterment and the lot of many in those places. And we should recognise and praise the efforts of selfless caring and determined support of the less fortunate. Even politicians believe that they are helping the situation, and in truth I believe that they are. Even if the thing we learn is how not to, because when we really consider the evidence, the story is clearly not that simple.
We cannot legislate for peace and a security from fear. We have to accept in ourselves the responsibility to do something proactive and work towards the revival of values such as decency and trust. To see peace and harmony we need to be peacemakers and think, speak and act in harmony with one another.

Walking with and being invited into the environments, homes, schools, hospitals, churches of a wide range of individuals and groups, I believe would be the beginning of the sharing that is needed to further promote selflessness and greater acts of random kindness in our world. Being in these places I would experience the love behind the acts and re-tell that story in the documentary, book poem or song.
I believe that another very worthy reason to be walking, sharing and meeting new people is to attempt to raise money for charity, and needy causes. People who are unable to directly participate in the walk or sharing their personal histories I know would love to contribute even if this type of giving is what they can manage. Initially I would like to raise money for N.S.P.C.C. and Children in Need, Childline, Shelter and the British Red cross, but would hope that my fundraising and wider project could bring attention to any and all other specifically needy ventures that become apparent whilst walking. As a target, I think that I would like to be able to raise more than £50,000 to be shared between the named charities, but in truth my hopes would not stop at that small amount.
One of the most obvious factors in being able to do this walk would of course be my ability to walk this distance. Having already walked more than 2000 miles over the past year or so, indicates that I could do it but earlier this year my doctors diagnosed and announced that I had Osteo-arthritis in both knees. In fact in many of my body joints, and this does not bode well for an attempt to walk approximately 3000 miles in 12 months. I feel the effects of the arthritis daily, but would manage the discomfort to be able to complete the walk. This will not stop me reaching my goal. With good care and planning I would be able to do in the region of 10 to 15 miles per day. Allowing time to meet and share time with people in the towns and villages I would walk through, possibly days of shared activity too.
Whilst I realise that to get more interest in this project for all parties, my being a celebrity would help. (I have my own thoughts about this) Who wants to see some unknown ordinary guy and watch his attempts to share humanity and peace with everyone he meets whilst trekking across the United Kingdom??? But in all fairness, I believe this is the best way to get peoples attentions and their confidences. The reasons that I would hope for your company/organisations interests and participations are to raise greater awareness of the undercurrent of loving caring people rather than any personal desire to become a household name. Fame has no interest to me, only the promoting of goodness and love.

With regards the filming aspect, I realise that to have a day to day account of the walk would be both costly and possibly impractical, I would be happy and willing to do an amount of the footage myself. I have investigated several options for video capturing devices that are light enough to be carried in my backpack. I could upload footage and other features either daily or weekly as required, though leave the editing etc. to the professionals.
I realise that with present cuts and restrictions due to the current climate of affordability this project of mine may initially seem interesting, but just to add, I am not going to be asking for any wages or fees for doing any of this. The research data collected will be free to anyone and everyone (when the documentary is shown) so that we can all benefit from the experiences witnessed and the resurgence of ideas that come from it. Be they good or bad, we at least will all have something to consider, and hopefully make wiser more informed choices as a result.

About Peaceful Warrior.

I was born December 1965 on the other side of the globe, whilst my father served in the R.A.F. stationed in Singapore. Brought up with some pretty common value systems, where religion was preached rather than taught. Grandparents who thought children should be seen and not heard, and disciplined with the rod of iron. (Or at least a coat brush) I became disillusioned with the reality of this life very early on and have subsequently spent more than 25 years trying to make sense out of the ideas about what life should be about for an adult.
Whilst I try daily to be a better man, I am aware that during my past, numerous errors have been made on my part, in the pursuit of experiences. Some I will never revisit, others I can remember with more fondness. Like for most people, my learning came through actual experience, but I now realise fully that without pain, no pleasure could have been known. Without loss, I could not have appreciated the gift of gain. And without sadness and misery, I would definitely not have known the blessing of happiness or joy.

Whilst I had been given at birth a ‘Christian’ name and inherited my parents’ surname, I recently resolved to permanently adopt and officially use my chosen name, ‘Peaceful Warrior’, which is in fact one complete name. It is broken down as first and second on official documentations solely to meet with some degree the officialdom of the government monitoring. I have no bad memory or ill affection towards that given name, my changing it is about my freedom to choose. Though predominantly that same person, personal choice dictated that I now reflect not who I was, but who I am and who I want to be.

I believe that it is the ‘right’ of every man woman and child, to have choice, particularly about who we want to be, and therefore create who we want to be. Life is an on going process of choosing, and our personal evolution is dependant upon those decisions of choice. As an idea of this I looked at the examples set, that I wished to adopt and emulate to some degree in my determination to be a more proactive person.

Gandhi, a man recognised as a seeker of personal choice and a person disposed to amazing acts of random kindness once said.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I believe this is, and will be the only way to see any real and lasting progress towards peace, happiness and harmony in our lives.
In fact any and all renowned wise men, prophets and truth tellers throughout history have said that was also their belief and lived in harmony with those beliefs. There are too many to name them all, but if you think for a moment you surely know at least one.
With regards to the project I present, I will give my total commitment, my personal integrity, for to do less would be for me to deny who I am. I would not only dishonour myself but the many examples being set out by my personal hero’s. Some of whom are still very much alive and helping to change the world for the good.
I sincerely hope that you see in me the bearer of a message towards openness, sharing and unity. Someone who seriously wants to put effort into deeds that benefit us all. And I reiterate, I am looking to receive no wages or fees as payment towards this venture should you want to go ahead and support me. I obviously will have needs to be met by way of supporting myself financially during the walk, paying for meals and accommodations etc. and hope to meet those by fundraising or one off donations to me personally. This is what I am presently doing in the hope of realising my dream to start and complete the project, but happily accept any and all suggestions and or help in this regard.

Principal aims.

I hope to be recipient of not only the company of fellow walkers and towns folk, people who would like to share a part of my journey, but of their kind hospitality too. It has been my blessing to have received the kindnesses of many humble people throughout my many adventures and I realise that is what many people actually desire to do, to share the little or the lot that they have. We are not inherently selfish, though we may have learned to be protective over what little we can scrape together, or what we have worked hard to acquire. It is the very act of receiving the kindnesses that I would like to make reports of, to show clearly that there are more kind and generous people alive than dead. Though it is not one of my aims to ‘put on’ anyone or interfere in the smooth running of their affairs, I would be looking out for people who offer a bed for the night, shelter, a meal, some food, and the use of their washing facilities when all my things are dirty. I wouldn’t expect it, therefore have in reserve the money to be able to pay my own way, but hope that I can report on the many people who would happily share with me.
I have estimated that I will potentially need between £7,000 - £10,000 to begin and complete the project, for basic expenses and potential accommodation costs and am currently working on saving that money or raising it myself. Any whole or part donations will merit both my gratitude and also an acknowledgement on the blog/website. (Content permitting, a direct link from my website to your chosen webpage)
Any and all money raised for charity during the walk as a result would go directly to the charities via a link from my website. This would lay open and transparent all the funds raised and documented, benefitting directly those organisations. I hope that they also will become directly involved in supporting this project too. I believe that this would also further herald the continued dedication that they put into the needs of helping others less fortunate than ourselves.
As I believe we all have an obligation to look out for the less fortunate, underprivileged and the less abled, the charities I sponsor would obviously play a large part in the aims of promoting my ideas. Hopefully footage could be taken and presented that better describes the efforts of those organisations, the individual people working within them and the people whom they help. Wouldn’t the feel-good factor from seeing these selfless acts inspire more of us to strike out and fight for the proper resources to become available to everyone, not just fat cat businesses.

Up until now I have only considered sponsorship in the briefest of terms and am aware that I still have to investigate more options towards this. The added benefits of you (the reader) being involved, participating in our joint project would of course raise the level of publicity for all parties I hope to reach as a result of this walk. For this reason I will make myself available for all and any preparatory stages of the projects inauguration. Any and all publicity with regard the media and other sponsors will therefore be invaluable for me, to see the dream of meeting my goals come true.
Simply put, the walk is all about creating the foundations for unity and closer understandings between elements of our society.
“Walk with a stranger, make a new friend.” Will be the continuation of the efforts of many wonderfully enlightened people from the past and many present day warriors, whom I hope will support and take the reigns from me when I fail to achieve all that can be done.
I don’t now believe that LOVE is just an idealistic dream. It is the very glue that sticks us together and creates lasting bonds of friendship in harmony. It is the actual reason why we do any of the things we do to live our lives to the full. Let’s face it, only LOVE and FEAR really exist. One or the other will be our sponsoring thought when we do what we do through life. Please let your decision display your sponsoring thought.
I very much hope that if nothing more comes as a result of this project I am asking you to be a part of, that at least you will acknowledge my attempt to try and unite ideas and sponsor LOVE.
Your suggestions, advice, criticism and hopeful participations are always welcome, that is in essence what the project is about.

How do I see this working?

Well firstly and fore-mostly, it has in essence already worked. You may need to think about this for a moment!
Though experientially the walk has not yet begun, nor been completed, the thoughts sponsoring it, those associated with my goals, have. Therefore as the experience plays out a greater number of individuals will have come to ‘know’ or better said, ‘remember’ how they all play a part in the future peace on our planet.
I, like so many people before desire to change the world. For good or bad, they succeeded in doing what they could in their efforts and endeavours. Some more noticeably than others of course impacted on a wider scale but they all did what they could.
I have heard it said once, “The crazy are responsible for changing the world.” The implication I see is that crazy is understood as wild, reckless and that this has been what has spurned change and not anything good or positive. Is that your view?  No?
If no, how do you explain what Gandhi has done, Jesus, John Lennon, Martin Luther King and even more recently Leymah Gbowwe who has changed the face of peace in Africa and even been awarded the shared Nobel peace prize for her participation in her peace efforts in Liberia and recognition of her sponsoring Peace Love and Unity.
My commitment to this project is as ever, ready keen and patiently awaiting the go signal. I mean, that I cannot achieve the best results single handed, without help from others, though I would eventually choose this option if all others fail to be fruitful.

What type of folk?

Well as you can imagine the type of peoples that I hope to meet are to be as varied as the nation itself. It will be pointless trying to list every possibility for several reasons.
Firstly the whole of the nation is very hard to divide into one class, category or another and therefore some people may not feel like being included in the project findings. I respect this too, so would happily refrain from including them. Even though I believe it would be one of the best opportunities to have their views taken into consideration.
Then there may be groups of people who want to sponsor anarchistic views, terroristic and criminal too. Though I do not myself concur with those views I would never the less hope to include them for the record to be as fair, honest and comprehensive as possible.
But in the main the target is to get close to understanding the views of the wide majority of the population, both those born here and those with long stay intentions. I have personally no racial, religious, ethnic or political affiliations and so hope to arrive with a very open eyed perspective that can then be shared with the public in the hope that their eyes too will be opened to the truth of what has made our society ‘Great’ or ‘less than great.’
As you may have guessed, I believe that LOVE could do a lot to solve a majority of the problems that people say they don’t like. And I also believe that we each, personally need to take a responsible course towards seeing our ideas come into reality. The knowledge that could be acquired and shared between us all would I believe, be a start towards better harmony and tolerance.

Web site/blogs and media feeds.

I am hoping to set up a web site dedicated to the aims I have, and call it IMAGINE. If of course that is possible, as my hero John Lennon may have monopoly over that name. I have already set up a blog for my walking projects, a poetry blog with now over 400 of my poetic creations, a songbook blog for songs that I hope will inspire and a you-tube account that I hope to add video footage to, and a contact email address. I list these details below in the above order.

My hope is that the IMAGINE website will include forums for communications between people of our nation. Film footage of the people I meet and a gallery of pictures with regards to this. I hope to add a poetry forum/link and a feed to allow poets from Britain and across the globe to add their poetic thoughts. I want to see the charities I sponsor having wider press and also interactional associations with those organisations, and their other sponsors. I would also like to have a musical link function, where I can share the music sponsored by peace activists, and other inspirational music. And I would like our website be a doorway to anyone who campaigns and works towards peace in our time.
As for you, the sponsor/donor or dedicated partner in this project, I will gladly make available any links to your chosen charity, webpage or any other venture that could and will perpetuate further growth of the project as a whole. (Obviously I will not allow unacceptable content, no matter how much you pay!)

Approximate route for walk.

I estimate the walk to be about 3000 miles and can be done over a period of between 9 and 12 months depending on weather and other challenges, as well as the experiences presented from the people I will meet. I am hoping to begin and end the journey in Nottingham. This was my home for only a brief period of my life, but my associations with Nottingham have proved very rewarding and it is also pretty well close to being the heart of England, geographically and culturally. The route chosen is only a very rough idea about my course, and any and all route changes requested will be considered on their own merits to the project. I doubt I shall be popping off to the Canary Islands for a few days mid walk, though that would be very attractive as a proposal…..
The timing, beginning in the spring 2012, should help me to make the best use of ‘Good old British weather,’ arriving back in Nottingham the following spring.


Initially I would hope that walking with a stranger would result in making new friends. Several ideas would be shared in the pursuit but predominantly the idea of sharing understanding and creating ties between peoples from all areas of the U.K. People of all races, creeds religions faith systems, genders, orientations, abilities and political viewpoints and try to create a forum, in which we all can have a better chance to communicate and have those views heard.
In reality I hope that we can put the ‘Great’ back into Britain, and help us all to realise just what the ‘United’ Kingdom is and should be.
My idea is to begin walking in Nottingham in the spring of 2012 and walk northwards through Tyneside towards Edinburgh, passing any places where people have requested to walk with me and each other or randomly meet people prepared to walk with me on a short part of the journey. Making a route up to John O’Groats, I would then return down the west of Scotland possibly via Glasgow. Then carrying on down through the lake district, and making my way to a coastal port to cross over into Northern Ireland. I think that it would be nice to visit the northern capital Belfast, and then make my way down the East coast to Dublin. Further along the journey I would hope to pass through Wales and the capital Cardiff before rounding the corner and heading southward to reach Lands end, Cornwall. The next phase of the walk would then make its way along the south coast mainly and briefly cross onto the Isle of White. Once back on the mainland I would head roughly across to the capital of the British Isles, London where I would hope to meet with some people like Caroline Lucas from the Green party also and discuss some of my experiential findings. Then I would continue back towards Nottingham where the journey began, where hopefully I would be received with keen interest, as this is one of the most diverse cities of the United Kingdom.

Are my goals realistic?

Good question. Who ever amongst us knows the efforts they make, will achieve the desired outcome? But the point is this. I am going to give it my best shot, and if I fail, at least it will not be through not having tried….
Realistically Peace on our planet by the end of the year is not really achievable, logistically. It’s a bit like our efforts to put men on the moon, or the invention of the telephone. It clearly took a while and ideas had to be adapted to make the dream become a reality. Thanks go to Gene Roddenberry for some of these ideas. Peace however has been sought after for millennia, alongside mans greed to conquer and use tyrannical violence and oppression throughout history. What hasn’t really been present was the actual ‘need’ for it. That is to say, that never before in recorded history would we ever have been in a position to make our race extinct. If you look around you nowadays it is more evident that we sit on the brink or the precipice of ruin, disaster and even probable extinction.
You don’t believe the evidence?

Look at our water sources, nearly all polluted and fish and mammals depending on them (humans included) suffering the ill effects of throwing our rubbish into them along with chemical effluents. Our desire never to back down when someone says no to us (see world politics and greed for oil, banking greed) has caused untold loss of life. This has spurned rioting, rebellions, tortures killings and murders along with many more horrific crimes from both sides that actually have the ability to destabilise our civilizations at the drop of a hat. Look at what is happening in Greece for instance.
So yes maybe they are not realistic for the very near future, but they are actually needed for our continued existence on the planet. In reality as I see it, without people fighting (without violence and aggression) against the status quo, the greed of the banks the governments, the oil producers, commerce and financial institutions, who have been robbing and raping the earth, there will be no future for any of us. We must resist the tide of disaster and clean up our acts, all of us. Each person pushing together, where peace could and will be the only sensible option and choice.
Let’s face it we’ve tried everything else until exhaustion so why not exhaust efforts for peace, by using, living and breathing peace!

Thank you for taking the time to read my prospectus.

Peaceful Warrior.
Peoples poet and man of peace.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Amazing Young People.

 Audrey Bergeson

  It seems an all too familiar story. Young people leave school looking for a job, because that is what society tells them they must do, and their peers, are constantly nagging them to have the latest this or that, which of course means getting into the rat race of life, where few ever escape, or even realise there is a world outside their town and monotony.
 Imagine my surprise then, when completely by chance I found the blog of a young American woman, that caught my attention. And Audrey clearly is not one of these people, pressured by their society to follow the desires, dreams and life goals of the more traditional adolescent. Now I've never met Audrey, or spoken to her, but this story has touched me with it's intensity. Instantly I became transfixed with the images before me, as I stared aghast at the terrible health conditions of some of these children and adults. Sufferers of Leprosy living in one of the poorest countries on the planet, and with only meagre provisions available to them, for relief from these prolific ailments. Her accounts are both harrowing and funny, as she details the  humour and acceptance of these people who make life so very rich, despite having very little in the way of material things, and even less by way of full use of their limbs. Almost completely forgotten by their own countrymen, they accept the help and support of the aid workers doctors and medical staff, but always seem to have something that they too can share, even though they barely survive. And we are not talking not had three decent square meals here, or missed out on a M'D's for lunch, we are talking abstract. They don't have much to smile about, but from what I read, they smile more than most of us, and are so very positive and thankful for the morsels they receive.

  Even now I am finding it hard to accept that in the 21st century people are still being so poorly cared for by their governments and aid from foreign ones. Yes, I know all about the corruption of those governments, and how we the caring sensitive givers to charity, sit back whilst our money gets spent on bribes to get even a fraction of this aid to it's intended target, feeling powerless to do more to abolish this greed and theft. I'm not about to get into a rant, (I'll save it for a rainy day) sufficed as to say that guess who is making the impact on this subject. Mostly young people.!!!

  Yes of course there are many wonderful older folk too, I'm not forgetting them here, just wishing to acknowledge the effort of one truly amazing young woman, for trying to make a difference.
   I've seen her quote some very influential people on her blog. None more relevant than Gandhi himself. As you may know he, was renowned for more than just his ability to reach peoples heart with his words. He put into practice that dedication, and never forgot who he should be. Maybe one of his most famous quotes would be this one. 'Be the change you wish to see in the world'.
    I definitely believe that he would have been proud to have known Audrey Bergeson, (as would I be) and thank her for caring so much, for poor souls the rest of us have deserted. Maybe you're right, I felt some of you tense at  this, deserted is too strong a word. What about abandoned? Or maybe conceded? Conceded to the reality that most of us want our life, even if they have to suffer like this for our lifestyle to be untouched. I know that no decent person would say that, and that most of us are appalled by this dereliction of our duty, even if it is through naiveity rather than actual choice. Audrey to me, personifies someone who doesn't just preach (not aimed at any religious conviction) but practices what she preaches. Does something incredibly selfless with her talents and her abilities. Someone 'Being', the change she wishes to see in the world. I am in awe of her determination to make a difference, she is my heroine! And I will continue to be a supporter of her dreams, to show this humanity to its utmost. 

   Too many older people talk about youths like they are scum or vermin. 'We fought wars for you scroungers', some say. And that is ultimately true, they did fight. But what kind of a world emerged from the pyres of those conflicts? Little by little society has become more self serving, most young people have nothing to do and nowhere to do it, unless a few parents are willing to put some time into their education, welfare and initiate realistic goals that they could achieve. And many are believing that what their kids want are x-boxes and clothes (material things, which grown ups say are important to be a somebody) instead of their time, which costs very little. 
    What are young people supposed to read into this? No-one cares so I won't either....?
     It would appear that Audrey had a loving family background, and was encouraged to give something back, to share her talents with others, and boy does she do that!!
    If what she says on her blog were even only half the truth, then those people who's lives have been touched by hers are truly grateful, and happy to be known by her. Well done to you Audrey, and all those helping in like fashion. And I pray that many more young people will keep up the good work, for the harvest will be great. 
   Please take some time to read her stories, and let the need for us to take courage from them, open our hearts to do more. Let us all, 'Be the change'. For we shall have known the grace of love in this pursuit. And, the world will be just that one step closer to happiness!!!

Click the link below.

A Big Hug Audrey.


Peaceful Warrior.

Aubrey Nottinghams cutest busker-ette.

A Tale of odd timing.

Recently I just happened to be on a street, in a city I had once named desire, and heard the voice of an Angel, sweetly recounting my dreams.

I cannot remember the last time I had seen a young woman busking, though that is possibly more because of my lack of observation than anything else. But as I walked along that random street in one of Englands nicest cities, an unusual thing happened. This performer, was singing away, devotedly bringing happiness to the passers by, coaxing us with her wonderful voice. And in an instant, I realised that this was no ordinary moment. I had not accidentally come this way, but been brought here to hear this voice. So I did what came naturally, and sat to listen further, to the words of pleasant melody.

She sang of incredible passions, lives unfolding and loves blowing on the breeze. But it was her voice, the subtle rhythmical accent, and her provocative vocal command that brought silent tears to my eyes. I think that she noticed the affect that she was producing, as many people stopped to congratulate and drop a coin or two into her guitar case. I think that she knew, deep down inside that one day she would have the opportunity to provoke far more than a complimentary passing glance, and a few small coins. I could see the belief behind those clear bright eyes, and I could certainly hear the emotive determination in that wonderfully soothing voice. It was precious to see that confidence, and that great open smile. It had been a  profound joy to have spent a time, reminiscing, being entertained with her talent.

Now I am no Simon Cowell, no Pete Waterman and I have no documented recording or performance history with which to present this belief. All I have are my ears, and a heart and imagination being rewarded by the experience of listening to her performance. As a stranger, a regular man in the street I had heard magic.

I couldn't help but describe my thoughts, as I began to write a poem or two whilst sitting attentively listening. I could see that she noticed this, appreciating the applause too. My day had just got so much better, and sharing that few moments listening, writing and living the joy of the experience was what I had needed to smile for the rest of the day..

The poem, named 'Street Singer', can be read at my poetry blog. (Link attached)

Now my wish is only that you the reader, know of this as yet undiscovered talent. Her voice is clearly the honey that covers our breakfast toast, and feeds our souls with tranquillity. I hope that she finds great success in everything she does. I know that she is trying to fund a project to get an album produced, a CD made to sponsor her singing, performing career, so if anyone out there can help with any information, contacts or other support, please do so. I will be more than happy to pass on your information to her.

And of course if you just happen to find yourself wandering the streets of Nottingham city centre and hear enchanting music and the voice of angels then you should sit a while and relax into the wonder of her magic.

                                                  And her name is Aubrey


                             Another song that might give you a clue is here below.


Best of luck to you Aubrey. x

Camino de Santiago Documentary

The Kings of Leon.

         During the spring of 2009 as I was some weeks into my 'first' Camino de Santiago, I came upon a crew of film makers, waiting at the entrance to the town of Sahagun. A camera man asked me if I had seen a guy with a horse carriage along the road, and I replied that yes he was still some way behind me. I had no idea then, that they were doing a documentary of the Camino, and that I would soon meet several of the characters featured in their project.

Two days later, when I was preparing to leave the village of El Burgo Ranero, I again spied the crew, we shared coffee at the local bar. Unbeknown to me then, I also met several others, whom they were following along the path to Santiago de Compostela.

My Camino was proving to be a somewhat challenging physical and mental ordeal, as I trekked the way of pilgrims across Spain, and it was no small surprise when I arrived one evening into the village of Reliegos, tired weary and desperate for some company. Who would have believed that I should meet Kings at the very next Albergue, and that they would share their table with a lowly traveller ?

A woman, well used to walking a seasoned traveller, Uschi, gave me a very friendly invitation to share the food the wine and the company of these 'Kingly' pilgrims. I was overwhelmed by the love and care that they displayed towards me as they proffered their Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh like gifts.

Over the next few days I met Hanns a great doctor, Paul (The cat) a great story teller, Carina a sharer of secrets, who like me were all walking their own Caminos' in search of answers to inner truths. These four became affectionately known to me as the 'Kings of Leon'. The photo at the top, includes three of them, and maybe you see why they earned the title.

Never the less, during the next few weeks and since, they became dear friends. I met and shared other great times with many other pilgrims too, as my poetry shall describe, and finished the Camino when I arrived at Cabo de Finestere, with my then walking partner, Cristina. 

Somehow, even after all of this, it took me a long time to understand, just what had happened to me over that six weeks of pilgrimage. I couldn't go back to 'Normal' life, the journey had opened up to me new and challenging routes of endeavour. It was later, after a request from a dear friend Kiyomi, to help her with a dissertation, (She was using the Camino de Santaigo for her masters) that I really began to understand the true meaning of the Camino, and more importantly, 'My Camino'. she had come up with a set of questions that made me stop and really think about just what it had meant to me.

Later I would come to meet Lydia briefly, and was introduced to the   
idea of the Camino Documentary.
Watching the trailer she and her team had produced, several times, soon put me back on the Camino and reminded me of the rare privilege it had been to have experienced it first hand. The people who I had known and loved were there explaining their journeys and the idea of the Camino on camera, and I couldn't help but shed a few reflective tears. 

I only hope that you could know this incredible joy, from the experience we all shared. A personal journey, yet a shared one too. We were not created to be loners, but something wonderful happens, during this walk, when you come to know yourself. 

You may think its just me being a dreamer, and you are possibly correct to a degree. But what if you aren't? What if there is more, much more that you can truly know? What if this unique opportunity slips you by and you spend the rest of your life, without real passion, having known nothing of this love?

Don't wait, please. 

Watch the trailer, discover the Camino Documentary and what it reveals.!!!

Lydia's Website, The Camino Documentary.

I wish Lydia and her team a whole world of success and hope that the complete documentary is soon on your screens. Like us all, sharing is key to her projects final success, why not see in what ways you can support her and her team and me, to share this wonderful knowledge.

Big hugs,

Peaceful Warrior.