Thursday, 24 November 2011

Great News.

Things are beginning to happen as you will be able to see now, collaborators are coming on board to help the project move forward. A very kind man has agreed to build the website (for free) and host it and make it be one of the best damned websites out here on the net. It is under construction as we speak, so hopefully all the wrinkles can be ironed out soon and all you good people will be able to begin contributing more easily.

My thanks go to Aaron and his family for their participation in this.

I am hoping that a new contact will prove to be the oil for the wheels as I speed ahead. Jenni has helped put some of these contacts to good use, and I am hoping that by the time we get underway with the walk next spring, that all the ingredients will be in place for the mixing together of them as we bake together the cake of our friendships and united efforts towards learning what we can all do to make Britain great again. Then it will be on to even greater things...

Please feel free to offer any ideas, comments and or constructive criticism that could help things to get us moving faster, I need your input. After all it is a community project that I am sponsoring here....

Big hugs everyone.