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Day 26 begins

Day 26 begins

As I was deciding whether to rush or not this morning I realised that the Tearooms would not be open till 10.30 anyway, so relaxed a little. Then the phone rang. A bit of an oddity these days, but very welcomed, even though I didn't know the number calling in.
A man asked me if I was Peaceful Warrior, and said that he was Barry Robinson from Radio BRYL. I had never heard of either but I asked if he was a friend of Ian and Stella the people I had met at Hayburn Wyke. Yes they had kept their word and put this radio presenter on to me, and he was keen to meet me and have and record an interview to be played later in the week I suppose. It would seem that he runs an internet based radio show/station. As you can imagine I was thrilled to be asked to share my thoughts and aims with a wider audience, who might prove to be the people who become part of the Imagine project later on as I move up the coast towards the north east of Engalnd. He asked where I was presently and if we could meet this morning, which was rather an exciting thought but one which meant I had to be up and packing away my stuff and the tent. We agreed to meet at the Tearooms at 10.30, which would be perfect timing as they opened then.
I was keen to know what this meeting would become as part of the universes plan to assist me in the project as a whole and its wider implications for my walk the world idea. Still, better not to try to unravel every mystery from the great unknown.

Dead on time we both arrived at the Tea rooms and I was welcomed by Chris who was happy to accommodate the interview in the back room as many people had already started to arrive for their beverages and snacks.
Barry was a lovely guy, but had a dental appointment later so he had to quickly get on with our interview, so I unfortunatley didn't get much opportunity to get to know Barry better. That said I later found out that he is a well known character here in Yorkshire, he used to host a breakfast show on Radio Yorkshire, I was told. Chris's mum and dad both knew of him as did Chris himself.
Anyway the interview went ahead and Barry was accomodating to ask me if there were other things I wished the interview to show, which he included in the recording, however I have yet to wait to see, or rather hear what was made and how much of the interview is to be used. I hope that I was able to get my message across and explain what I hope IMAGINE will achieve as I walk around Great Britain for the next year or however long I can go with your help and involvements. Barry was a lovely chatty and engaging guy, so hopefully I shall get the chance to meet him again sometime to better share more than a few brief minutes with him, as time allows. Thank you Barry and thank you Ian and Stella from Filey for proving that some people of Britain are indeed wonderfully caring and loyal in their deeds.

After a breakfast of toasted tea cake and lots of tea I got into a conversation with a guy named Pete Gastard and his wife Carolin, who were out for a few days walking and again, a young couple who engaged with people when out and about. We chatted for about fifteen minute and they were keen to read about my walk, saying that they would follow my blog and I gave them one of my last cards so that they could locate the website this evening or whenever they got home. Sadly time was not on my side if I hoped to get ahead today, but the break in the rains made me decide to get out there and I had an idea to walk in the tunnel nearby which I had heard was open, though wet and not flat walking.
Chris came out to have a picture taken with me, and for the second time in two days gave me a hug as he wished me the very best for my onward journey. I was warmed by this show of affection and a type of intimacy we rarely show to others especially strangers or recent aquaintances. Men don't freely show this type of bonding either in the main, but I am glad that some people are able to, as it is heart warming and very empowering. I guess that most people see intimacy as an act of close contact only and one reserved for couples who are in a relationship rather than a passing aquaintance. And definitley not to strangers. But here was and is an act that can build strong ties between people, far more than a simple handshake, (another form of intimate contact) a hug can develop feelings of closeness of spirit, of companionship of friendship and of community of sharing good gifts. Just look at what can be felt when you receive a hug, how incredibly warm and upbuilding it can be. The dalai Lama for example always uses intimacy in a way to upbuild and communicate with others. It is a totally human way to reveal no aggresion or ill feeling towards another human being, when it is offered with love and understanding and compassion.
I was in a very good mood following this display of friendship and so set out to see the tunnel, which was really quite an interesting walk. I entered it from the bottom end as the top is hidden, the cinder path does not lead directly to it as the path ends at the Ravenscar platform for some reason. The tunnel is quite long and has a destinct curve in it which means the light doesn't travel all the way along it. I have a torch but even that struggled in the blackness. I had heard a story that a man who had helped to build the tunnel, that was done to appease the Lord of Raven Hall manor, had carved a few messages of the unfriendly aggrieved variety somewhere in the tunnel as a protest at his waste of the railways £500. I couldn't find it though, so wondered if it was just one of those old folklore tales. The tunnel was fascinating though and scary and full of secrets for certain, but none revealed to me.
I set off towards Robinhood's Bay where I imagined I would take a pot of tea or two in the wonderfully scenic setting. I managed to walk about 3 miles along the track and cut across some very muddy fields and up through a spinney till I met a small road that I assumed led down to the bay, but infact lead me to discover a secret hidden in the hollow of the ravine.
Boggle Hole is the beach and Youth Hostel at the foot of the ravine, and where I just had to stay. I was looking forward to a shower and a chance to maybe get my washing done and catch up on the blog as per usual, even though I had done so little walking and it was still a warm and somewhat dry afternoon. The rooms are dormatories, much like the accommodation found walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain, and the d├ęcor and quaintness feel, was enticing to a stranger to these shores. The girl at the reception was a little busy as it was getting close to late afternoon and she had meals to prepare, but I said that I was hoping to get a chance to have my washing done. They didn't provide this type of service unfortunately but she said it was fine if I washed them in the room. She disappeared to get the dinner ready, I understand that a lot of students are in residence too, girls and boys of about 15/16 years of age were flying about everywhere.
I walked into the lounge and met a young man called Luke who was a teacher from York who had majored in Geography and who now works as an afterhours support teacher at a boarding school. He also is recently qualified as a councellor in youth councelling and does several non paid jobs helping with projects as far away as Manchester. Luke was an easy person to get along with and we struck up a friendship quickly. We chatted about so many things it is hard do recall all of them, sufficed as to say we learned a lot about one another in a very short time. We had even been given the same room to share, which added to the realxed nature of our meeting. I hope I don't keep him awake with any snoring that I might do...

Unbeknown to me the day had almost evapourated and it was close to the time for an evening meal. I booked my breakfast too and chose what I would have this evening, and a small glass of wine to add a change to my diet. The hostel was well stocked with provisions for any occaision, but I am way past my bucket and spade days.
The dining room was still busy with the youngsters finishing up as I sat with Luke at a table and our meals were brought over. Also sat at our table was a man and his two children. Andrew Jackson and his older son Matt and the younger Archie, were recently back from living many years in the far east. Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and several other countries were mentioned, and both his boys had been born outside the United Kingdom, which was unusual I thought. But for someone who had worked in so many places maybe not. Andrew and the boys were having a family rebonding time, his wife and daughter were doing the same in Cornwall I believe. I made a few suggestions as Archie was not keen on the bike ride when he had heard 20 miles mentioned. I told them about seeing seals down at the beach a few miles away and the fantastic bird reserve at Bempton Cliffs. They liked both of those, and Andrew was keen to do some very positive things with them. Though I got the impression Matt was at a boarding school near to where they now live, he seemed remarkably happy with his arrangements and to be honest both boys were incredibly bright and easy to communicate with, which indicated that they had a good relationship with their dad and a balanced upbringing. So I thought well done Mr and Mrs Jackson for the efforts and parenting you had been showing them.
The boys were keen to ask many questions about my walk and I hope I was able to describe exactly how I felt their participation was of great value to me and my project. It is for these generations future that I am attempting to help this dialogue carry on and become further amplified to share the message of peace and harmony with many more people. After dinner Luke went off for a shower and returned to ask if I fancied a drink at Robinhood's Bay as a night cap. Or two. Of course I was delighted at the offer, and as the tide was out we were able to walk along the beach for the mile to the bay village.
As I was going up to get my coat before we left, Amanda the hostel worker came over to me and said that she hadn't realised that I was doing a walk for charity and that she would be happy to help out by putting my clothes through the washing machine that was for the staff use only. I wondered hopw she knew, but she told me that Andrew had happened to mention it in passing, so thank you Andrew for that too. A little bit of a mention now and again can work wonders for the kindnesses of people, and his conversation had led to her offer of support and I was very pleased, despite having made an attempt to wash tehm myself that they would get the full works now.

We decided to start at the first pub and work our way up the hill, if time would allow for more than one pub, when we reached the bay. It was a very oldy worldy pub as you would expect, being right here at the mouth of the village nearest the sea. Several hundreds of years old and even the clientel seemed ancient......only joking...
We got into some really deep conversation, and I guess like mirrors we shared some reflective apects to one another. Both having recently
had similar love complexities to resolve. Luke was hoping to move his career more over to the permanent role of child councellor as soon as he was able, though he loved the job he presently had. Jobs are not easy to find these days, but I am sure if you have certain skill sets, those jobs are easier than others to find. We moved on to the next public house were it was a bit more close quarters but still a very friendly environment and a good variety of ales. We sorted out the world and love matters and then it was kicking out time, so we had to drink up, but there was no great hurry. We walked back along the Cleveland way Matt had walked it earlier in the day so he knew which of the little alleys would take us back to the Boggle Hole. It was a brief walk before we were climbing back down the steps leading to our Hostel. Lucky we both had torches.
Being a hostel meant that you had to make your own bed, which I had done earlier, and so retiring was a simple task of teeth and slipping into the comfort of a soft warm matress.

Another day over great encounters and new experiences. Day 26 came to its end.

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  1. Sounds like a Pub crawl??? Enjoyed in the name of Research, no-doubt?? lol x