Monday, 2 July 2012

Day 10 begins

Day 10 begins

As I was having a day a to rest and write, I woke and before breakfast set about writing more of the story so far. By early afternoon I needed to stretch my legs so went out to see what Immingham had to offer a traveler from far flung places. Not much it would seem. There were some new buildings here and there, mainly houses, but one building that looked like a school was opposite the town center amenities. I nearly died of shock when I saw how many of the  shops were closed or boarded up. This was Saturday and the place was almost deserted. One or two businesses were open but hardly any customers. I don't want to drag Immingham down, but the place was pretty shabby here. 

 A bit of art for the aesthetics, wow....

I was a bit peckish so went to the public house close to the sports centre, and had a bar meal which was very nice. Lots of ordinary people were here doing the normal kind of Saturday  things, chatting meeting friends and watching the football on huge screen T.V.
I thought that the people of Immingham seemed very nice, despite the dire looking shopping precinct. There was also a Community centre that had seen better days behind some old council tenant garages.

I apologise for the quality of some of the pictures, but am trying to suss out the camera properly. What? Read the instruction manual, you must be joking, I'm a guy.....

There were and are many saving aspects to this town that I went looking for. It would seem that some money has gotten through and been spent to improve the services for the local people. A fine play park called Homestead park, where there was also a skate park and a fishing lake all here at one venue, and a very well equiped play area for kids and young people alike. 

I met and spoke briefly with some of the fisher people who were set up and well equiped for the days weather all way around the pond.

As I wasn't planning on walking far today, I meandered around the place and saw in reality a very nice village. The houses I passed all pretty much seemed as everywhere else, well kept and of proud caring people. I saw some lovely ponies in a field close to the park and then set off back to get more work done on my poetry site and blogs, all for your


Back at the hostel I got down to writing and had a little nap. Later I got talking to the delivery guy Abid who was originally from Pakistan but now works and lives here. I asked him what language they were speaking in as I sort of recognised it, it was Urdu. They all spoke very good English though, Rasalan the younger guy and Mr Masood the owner of Continental Delights. We chatted about everything from foreign wars to the price of houses and he told me what he felt could help Britain get ahead in the current crisis of everything it would seem. Celebrity tax evasion scandals, bank cheating scandals and government expense scandals and more sca
ndals and more scandals. It would seem to us normal hard working folk that the world had gotten far too greedy and was forgetting about the people who are keeping this country going by their hard work and dedication and loyalty, not their avoidance of paying into the system.

I eventually went to bed and prepared myself to begin the next days walking, Sunday to the Humber bridge. It had been a funny day with plenty to do, except walk far, but my body, knees and feet had experienced a brief respite from the task of walking all day.

And so day 10 ended.

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