Sunday, 24 June 2012

Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine

Day 3 arrived and I had slept well for the first time in a few days. Thanks to dad for his help and charity. He asked me to do some washing up for him as the arthritis was not allowing his hands to grip much. (So he says) But I was glad to be able to repay a favour, even by such a simple task. I caught up with my blog and set out with the intention of getting the train to Lincoln and buy a tent, for my future accommodation shortfalls. I said my good byes to my Dad and gave him a hug, saying I shalln't  see him for a while.

Before I had gone more than a few minutes along the road towards the station in Heckington, I met a lady who enquired as to where I might be going with such a bag. I began to explain that I was off to cover the whole of the United kingdom and arrive back in Nottingham maybe next year. Mary Pearson had been a teacher and was used to conversation, though she explained a little short on them these days. Before I knew it she was offering me some help towards a meal or something. I gratefully accepted, but insisted I be able to buy her a coffee, as I was close to Sylvia's coffee shop. She accepted and we went inside. Before I even had my bag off my shoulders, Mary was announcing me to all the occupants of the cafe restaurant. Some of them I had met before whilst here writing poetry, over the last year. Again before long, many people were offering me support, as I had said that I was in need of a tent to overcome the present shortfall of accommodation offers, and because I was walking to raise money for charity. The (more mature) people of Heckington again coming to my aid, proving that my doubts were inconsistent with the great kindness of 'The Great British public'.
Thank you to Mary Pearson, to Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Cannon and John and Sheila Bennett. John has said that he will post a link for me on his websites, which is most kind too. The other kind people don't use the Internet much it would seem. Mary and I continued our conversation for some time, before she had to go about her day, and it was a pleasant time listening to tales of days gone bye.
Later after being fed by the wonderful daily special, of cottage pie, I set out again into the warm sunshine. It was as I crossed the square opposite Teresa's Nags Head, that I remembered I had forgotten my ankle gaiters, so quickly nipped back to Dad's house.
As I came along the High St. I met a youngish guy who stopped and offered me a drink. He was carrying beverages into the village hall, and introduced himself as Mark. It appears Mark owns and runs the Sportsman Leisure Bar, in the center of Heckington, which is also a sports club/squash center. When he asked about the charity angle I explained my aims to raise huge sums of money and he was about to offer me even more cash as a contribution so I politely asked that if he was wanting to contribute, could he please do it via the 'Just Giving' pages and charity links from the website.
He kindly said that he would do such at a later stage in the day, so thank you Mark for that. It is just that I want any contributions made above board as it were, so that idle gossiping people won't be able to accuse me of misdemeanors, with your money. Of course I will and do need some help with my personal expenses, food and shelter, but they come secondary to the transparency of funds raised for other great causes. If you are interested in helping me raise money, please don't be offended if I ask you make your choice as to which charity and who you intend to benefit from your contributions. There are five charity just giving links so far and one direct to my campaign revenue links via paypal. I will endeavour to make absolutely sure that it is crystal clear which you can and will choose.
So another wonderfully random act of kindness received and I was on my way to the train station. It had gotten very late in the day and I was not going to be able to reach Lincoln before the shops closed, so I called some old friends, and they kindly offered me a bed for the night at their home in Sleaford. It was great to see them and catch up with old times. Sean and Kylie with their children Kane and Skye Meadow, were incredibly kind and Kylie made us a blinding curry. Thoroughly sated, fed and watered, I was glad eventually to get my head down for the night, on a sofa bed. What blessed luxury...!
And before I knew it I was away with the fairies, and my feet were feeling much better for the lack of hiking.

Day 3 ended.

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