Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 7 Begins

Day 7 Begins

The morning was warm if not over humid, and clouds gathered in the distance for a real dumping later. I set off cleared up and was soon on my way to see the glory of the Olympic torch relay. I had to shead the jacket and fleece early on as my temperature soon got up to speed. The hills rolled on by, these Wolds are something special and soon the church spire of Louth was in sight. I was able to get off the roads even if traffic here had been light this morning.

Once in the small town it became humorously clear that I had just missed the Torch celebrations and passing of it, everyone was walking towards me....Awww...

Anyway I needed a breakfast and soon found a place to my liking. I am here now and have been for quite a few hours. The bacon sandwiches were lovely and tea almost non stop since. Mike the joint owner with Ang allowed me to put my bag and tent out of the way in the alleyway along side Larders Coffee House situated in a passageway, Little Butchers Lane, Mercer Row. (01507 602888)

I asked if they knew where there was Internet services available and Mike replied, "here". 
I should have known. The service was second to none and there have been a  few extras on behalf of my cause, particularly a ginger flavoured flapjack.... OOh...
Thank you also for the service and conversations with Evie and Zara who have been wonderfully attentive too.

So services all thoroughly used and sadness to leave and face more weather I set off to find more lovely people on my way towards the coast.

As I strolled through the town taking in the ambiance, I remembered that I needed a roll mat for the floor in the tent. Good old Millets...
I saw one in the window, for about £8 and smiled as it was in a sale for £6. I asked one of the kind assistants to show me where the range was and actually chose a different one because of the colour (well a guy needs to be co-ordinated you know) and because it had straps. It was only £5 in the end so a result I would say.
I needed some supplies and drinks before I set out so visited the Coop, and soon was munching on strawberries I saw in one of those old fashioned shops. You know the ones that sell only fruit and vegetables and not much besides.... The strawberries were wonderful. I lead such a terrible life of sustenance you see.

A little way along the road, whilst the taste of the strawberries was still on my lips, a guy outside a pub called out to me and asked if I needed a drink. The Poachers in Louth was a large old building with character, and the folk outside it had too. The guy, Sean asked me what I was doing, and then disappeared into the pub returning soon with my pint. I felt guilty as I drank the cool liquid. Not because it was not a welcome thirst quencher, but because I was drinking and the kids didn't have one. Still, his offer and delivery of said kindness has not gone unnoticed. Like I said before, it is sometimes the simple things, the things that prove a desire to kind that get the most recognition. The price of a drink may have been lot to this guy and his family, but he still shared it with me.
Soon I was saying my goodbyes and setting out to walk along the Louth canal, toward the coast and a chance to see the mighty North Sea. After I had walked a while I noticed that I must have dropped my flannel. It is a special flannel with emotional attachment, so I had to return about a half mile and rescue it. I found it at the entrance to Louth canal, where the path met the town. Still I thought, the exercise will do me good eh??? And then I was trotting happily along the fields and banks of the canal towards a welcome evening break.

The sun was shining and I was in teeshirt again,  using said flannel to mop my brow as I walked and enjoyed the tranquil evening and scenery never before seen, by me. Along the way, farmers have taken to letting the cattle walk the river banks, as most fields contain other produce, Corn, Barley and the like. A great idea one would imagine, unless you are a bit scared by the size of cows. Not that I am, but sure it can be a bit intimidating if you are vying for the same patch of ground and you are outnumbered by about 20 to 1. The cows don't really move unless you scare them away and I was not about to go causing an annoying ruck and have them jump into the canal. With careful eye contact and the old Jedi mind trick, I was soon able to convince them that they didn't want to harm me, now move along.

The day was coming to an end now and I had the precious views with sunlight to fall asleep to. Using the freshly cut path was a godsend, as it was very comfy and my new roll mat came in very handy indeed. Temperatures were very warm so no concerns as to being cold throughout the night. 
I wonder where I shall get to tomorrow?

Day 7 ends.

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