Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 6 Walking

Day 6 Walking

And it was all going so well......!!!!

I woke to find a huge puddle inside the tent, Arrrgh....

Luckily I hadn't rolled into it because my rucksack had been in the doorway. But it, was soaked. At first I thought that it must have rained, even if I hadn't been woken by it. It had been cold of course I needed extra clothes in the sleeping bag. But no signs that it had rained. The inside of the tent was covered in condensation, from me breathing and had produced a puddle of at least half a pint of water, possibly more. The straps of my bag had been on the floor of the tent and so soaked most of it up...
Oh you gotta laugh......
Still a learning curve if ever there was....!!!

The sun was coming out so I hung things around all the local bushes etc to get them dry. After a few hours of relaxing I was ready for the off. 
I now realise that because I have no roll mat, the ground had sapped my heat and made me perspire more than usual. Next thing on the shopping list. The tent had not leaked, I had......!!!

The day was warm, views great and walking in teeshirt only for most of the day. (Yes of course I had trousers on too....Durgh...) I passed a pub and cursed because it was closed, only opening evenings, and all my water had gone. On entering Burgh on Bain, I asked a local lady where the nearest watering hole was. It would seem nowhere near my direction ahead, but the road was beginning to tire me out. All that lorry dodging and car hooters malarchy, odd fellows yelling obscenities out of the windows. Most people waved as I stepped out of their way, few forgot.
I decided to follow the intuitive decision in the direction of this far off pub. The walk was amazing, down old lanes and passed an old mill house. Across the fields and into an old abandoned village called Biscathorpe, which it would appear was in the Doomsday book. Here a tiny old church was a welcome break and a delight to my explorative desires. Fabulous architectures and all here hidden amidst the trees, for few folk to find. That said I saw a current visitors book which was littered with visitors who like myself had stumbled across it as they followed the Viking way footpaths.

It was a very nice change from the normal kind of random church visit, this place was in no great shape, but it was quaint. I left the ghosts behind and continued along the Viking way towards liquid refreshment, and another kind of spirit. Well maybe not alcohol, but certainly some hot food.....Wahey..... The day was cooling off and I spotted the rain clouds plotting against me. The walk was perilously close to the cows with their young, and a Big Boy all muscle and brute strength reminding me of another encounter with his kind, that had put the fear of god into me. When it eventually decided to hammer down on me I had made cover beneath a mighty Chestnut. I gave the weather a victorious finger.....!!!
It got me back......!!!
Soon the Village of Donington on Bain was in sight.

And very soon after the golden, warming light of the Pub. The Black Horse was a delightful place to have a meal. Actually I was so hungry, a rabbit passing might have looked tasty enough to catch. Still the bangers and mustard mash were real heaven. I managed to get all my needs met, water, batteries recharged and a warm stomach.

I hoped to finally reach Louth tomorrow and even catch a glimpse of this famous Olympic torch as it did its relay around Britain. The signs were a disappointment, but well I needed to walk off some of this food, I had eaten loads.

And then to bed, and a well earned rest. I made better provisions this time and found a pile of hay from a cut grass field entrance to pile under the tent and provide some insulation against the floor and sapping my heat. 

Typically the evening proved to be very warm in the end and I slept most of the night with the door open. I slept very well as a result and no wetness in the morning. 

Day 6 over.

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