Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Day 5 Walking

Day 5 Walking

Meeting with the Gosling family had been one of those rare and special moments that reassured me that some people want nothing more than to help others. They were Christians of course, but like I said before, they seemed in tune with empathy and compassion that ran so much deeper than claims of a faith. Many people in the world say lots about what they believe, but hardly anything about what they actually do about it, and even less about doing it. I don't mean to sound mean or judgemental, I am neither. I accept what comes, I believe what I see too and not alone what I hear, as the adage goes. Seeing is believing. It is true that in the current climate people have had to be more selective in their giving to charity and in other areas of sponsorship of good causes because of the shortage of available surplus. If only the government would exercise this same caution with our taxes and other public funds, we may not be having so many disputes as to why public services have to be cut. Why on earth they don't just ask the banks and financial institutions to relieve the crisis they caused, with their money is beyond me.
But despite this I am actually seeing and experiencing the great love of people from places I am walking through.

I  left Lincoln and set off along the main road towards Wragby some 12 miles away. The roads here had a pavement for many miles as it passed through North Greetwell village. A brief break after a few hours walking to sleep, set me up to arrive early evening in Wragby.  The village was alive with goings on and I bought a few items for breakfast, some fruit and a yoghurt.

A young lad was riding a scooter around the carpark infront of the shops and came over to ask me if I was walking for charity. I asked him how he knew. Well because of the flags etc. on my ruck sack he said. Briefly after this a lady came out of the chip shop and offered me some hot chips and a sausage. Apparently a customer had seen me walking the roads earlier and figured me to be walking for a charity. Emma and her son Joel the scooter rider, wanted to offer me some hot food as a way of supporting me. People do some amazing things, even if they are not themselves well off. I thanked them profusely for their kindness. Emma went on to describe her own efforts to do a 50km walk recently raising money for the Macmillan Trust. Walkers alike we chatted briefly before she had to return to her shop. I called over later to ask if she would fill my water bottle, as I seemed to be getting through it very quickly despite lack of raw sunshine. 
"No problem" she said.
More thanks and a wave goodbye. I hate saying goodbye, it feels so definite and lastingly final. 
As I was in good shape, the feet not really hurting too much I decided to cut a few miles off tomorrows hike. I passed an odd church yard with no church only a prayer bowl, at West Barkwith.

I eventually found myself in the small village of East Barkwith, entering the Lincolnshire Wolds. Nothing going on here I knew that I was about to put the tent to good use.

I soon got myself sorted out for a decent sleep.
And so ended day 5.

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  1. Hi there it's lovely to read that my son Joel and I have been included in your blog. :) we wish you all the best on your journey and will following your blog from now on. Good luck from Emma (Wragby chippy) and Joel (scooter boy) :)