Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day 21 Scotland begins


Day 21 Scotland begins

The offer of a breakfast in the site cafe was too good to miss. A luxury that I often can't afford. Lynn had decided that she would be able to walk today as her feet were feeling a lot better but Dundee would possibly be a bit of a struggle. But there are plenty of miles along the way were we could camp out, if she could put up with it one last time. To be fair she was getting used to the rhythm of camping rough, but nowhere to plug a hair dryer in I'm afraid.
We arrived at the restaurant and were seated by a young lady, Kerry who took our orders, and we enjoyed the views over the seaside town of St. Andrews on the Fife Coastal path.

Later we got into conversation with the host of the restaurant a lovely smiley lady by the name of Jeanie. She told us about another walker who had passed this way before. Taff Davies, and ex S.B.S. Serviceman from Arbroath who had been raising money for a breast cancer charity by walking from Arbroath to Poole (Dorset) and she had helped him to raise money. Over £160 pounds had been raised by Jeanie putting on a strawberry cream tea party at the restaurant. To me this was an obvious sign of a giving person, and I was flattered that she gave such attention to listening about my aims to walk and raise money. She kindly made a very nice gesture to us with drinks and good company, and tips about sights ahead. It is not about amount or what is given, more that people are so keen to support in any way that they can, and I felt humbled again by the kindness of Jeanie and Kerry.

We made our farewells and set off down into the town, where it was Monday and many people were here enjoying the good weather and sea air. It is a very pretty town but not quaint in the sense that a small village would be. It is home to an enormous university with campus buildings on every street almost. Views of the old castle and abbey are peculiarly rare, but I am kind of full up with religious sites presently and so avoided the chance to spend money visiting.

In the town we stocked up for the two days ahead before Dundee, today and tomorrow. Lynn was partial to a drop of the old vino, but I said it would be too much to carry until this evening, unless she could carry it....lol

As we ate our lunches on a high St. bench the lady from the cafe at St. Monans walked passed again. This was rather more than a coincidence now. 3 times in three days and always whilst we were eating. She called in a pub and then came out looking forlorn. She didn't pass again so I couldn't ask her directly what the reason was. Still no idea what 'food messages' are. Maybe I should phone a friend.... Ben and vicky....

We strode on bravely into the afternoon walking precariously close to danger along the sides of highways and arrived at the village of, or rather the cross roads at, St. Michaels. A tiny village just before Carrick on the road to Newport on Tay, and we stopped for a drink at the public house and to use the bathroom before we found a camp for the night. I had found a golf ball on the pavement as we approached and gave it to the landlord, who found a golfer to pass it onto in the back bar. Nothing like recycling eh?
I asked the bar maid for a top up in my hydro-pack so as to be sure we would have water for the walk tomorrow. Poor girl got covered when she kindly returned, as I gripped the plastic sac and it shot out all over her arm. She was very understanding, I was hugely apologetic. Oops.
After another short burst of walking we had reached our limit, and I set up the tent on a track between field, that advertised it was a footpath. No evidence that people walked here, but it was far enough off the busy road to be peaceful. The night was drawing in, so as I got the tent erected, my companion and friend prepared the evening meal. It sounds grand to say that doesn't it? Cheese sandwiches with a few crisps and biscuits to follow. And the all important wine that Lynn had purchased at great expense from the pub. Good friends are hard to find, thank you Lynn....
Teeth brushed we hit the sac and left the struggles behind as day 21 Scotland came to an end.

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