Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Day 20 Scotland begins


Day 20 Scotland begins

I heard a few dog walkers passing as the morning light woke me. Lynn was tossing and turning, hadn't slept too well again. It has to be noted that sleeping in a tent is not for everyone. We rose and had our meager breakfast, stretched and brushed our teeth readying for the new day walking. Away in the distance St Andrews new course was easily spotted on the top and edge of the cliffs. As we set off a few people were already out on the course playing in the early morning sunshine.

We made our way along the seashore till we met the up and down paths which came close to and crossed into the golf course on occasion. A few walkers were coming the other way too, this being the Fife Coastal path and a tourist attraction. Later we found a series of deep rock pools to investigate which was something I haven't done since I was a kid, but proved to be very entertaining once more. I even saw a golf ball in the shallow waters that were close to the part where the rocks had cut off the path and you had to climb boulders to navigate a way through. If the tide was in you wouldn't be able to pass here for a few hours perhaps.

We hadn't gone very far when I saw a strange animal on the path ahead of us. I signaled to Lynn and she was surprised when the creature popped back out and hopped its way up and down the path for a while. Whether it saw us or not it confidently strode along to and fro until it finally decided to disappear all together. (I now know it to have been a Stoat) It had a short brown furry coat with a creamy white breast and a narrow body. This was a first for me, and I was happy to be able to see nature at close range. 

We hadn't really walked very far by the time we found ourselves overlooking the town of St. Andrews from the last hill alongside a caravan park. I checked my watch and thought it said half past five so suggested to Lynn that maybe we should see if we could camp here rather than go on and maybe have to put the tent up in the dark again. We checked in, got the tent pitched and had ourselves a lovely picnic after a long hot shower, the first for a couple of day. Lynn pointed out to me that it was still only half past four, so I have no idea what I had been thinking.....!!
The caravan park had internet facility so I was able to attempt some writing and catching up of the blog. Lynn was tired and fell asleep on the sofas in the bar area. When I was ready to pack up for the night, I woke her and said it was time to sleep. (Again...lol)
Few people engaged with us, the staff were friendly but then they have to be, and only a few of the campers came in to watch television on bigger screens than they had in their respective caravans etc. The day had passed without great inroads at the project, and I suspected tomorrow would be different again. Call it intuition, we had stopped here for something more than showers with warm water.
It was lovely to have my friend here to share the wonders and the down sides too. Lynn was very keen to promote the project, as she says with conviction that she believes in its power. And she has seen first hand the generosity and overwhelming kindness of many people we have met to add weight to her views. I thanked her for being so positive and helpful with more than just funds to help me. Her observations were keen and put some things into perspective, that I have often missed.
We said our good nights and settled down again into the cosy little tent, my home for the duration. It has been good to me, I hope I have been as good in return.
Then the torches were off and sleep took us into the darkness at the end of day 20 Scotland.

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