Sunday, 12 August 2012

Leaving Holy Island Day 52


Penultimate day in England, eve. Day 52.

Walking away from Holy Island was a breeze. In as much as it is flat and not hilly until I had crossed the causeway. The tide was still a long way off coming in to swallow me up, but I still hurried to cross. I found a nicely laid footpath had been laid beside the road out and the other side of a hedge, which kept me safely away from cars dashing along and threatening to squash me into the curb. The rail link with Scotland east coast passes very close to holy island and I had to wait at the crossing as a few high speed trains passed through, to and from Berwick. Here rural and city life almost meet at speed. I met the A1 at the junction and crossed straight over into the countryside and to avoid high speed interactions with cars and lorries.

The route took me across to a place called Duddo, but by the time I had just about reached the outskirts of the village it was getting dark, so I set my tent up in a small grassy field just off the road at a junction. I was in a dip and a forest of trees was across the road so here there was no wind and only silence. 

I had been chatting with my brothers Ben and Dean and a friend Lynn during the evening, so when I arrived here my phone battery had finally died so I wasn't sure exactly where I was, but at least I knew something about the outside worlds news and the Olympics. Hadn't we done well???
65 medals and lots of new celebrities to strive after. What a guy that Chris hoy is. In fact I shall go so far as to say LEGEND after watching his attempts and commitment in the race where he won gold. Our most decorated Olympian ever. A fantastic set of athletes, even if they didn't all get medals, go team G.B.....!!
Lets hope that the para-Olympics do just as well....

So I crawled into my tent and dreamed of my gold medal for one day completing my walk around Great Britain, and raising huge sums of money for the needy and less able. For this I will need your help of course, so get donating please. Links to charity at website or click here. Charity Giving.
The dreams overtook me and I was asleep at the end of day 52 just hours away from Scotland.

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