Friday, 10 August 2012

Day 45 begins


Day 45 begins

I was up early as the festivities in town started today and I ought not miss them as I was here now. I went to shower and found grass all over the floor of the shower block, it was a real mess, I think the campers had done a mini olympics for the children on the campsite. I took my shower and then cleaned the porta cabin block until it was nice and grass free. I'm sure the cleaners and at the very least the other campers would appreciate my efforts even if they wouldn't know it was me that had cleaned it all up.
I set off to walk into town and then I spotted someone from the Rugby Club/campsite staff. I explained that I had not been trying to avoid paying but that I had just not been about to pay. He was ok with that and said that they aren't in the habit of evicting people for small tent crimes...

The town was getting busy and the stage was set for the performers in the market square. A guy dressed as a master of ceremonies (Town Crier) was about to start O-ye-ing and so I went off to see the gardens and the Castle neither of which I did actually see because of the costs involved. There was a very fascinating tree house in the grounds of the castle though, that was a bar and restaurant of some incredible allure. I would have loved to sit and write here, but there were so many other people it was not quiet and would have disturbed me constantly. It was like something from a movie, I half expected tree folk to start appearing from their tree top bedrooms. 

I walked back into town and took up my already prepared seat in Greggs the Bakers again, had my cup of tea which was free and Claire and her sister Toni stood for a picture and told em that head office had been on the phone and said that I was to be looked after with food and drink whilts here. Wow, that is such a nice thing to receive so a huge thank you to the staff at Greggs and the staff at head office for supporting me and the Imagine project.

I managed to get more work uploaded but to be honest I felt a little strange now that the people of Alnwick had recovered my doubting mind, and so still left a little to be caught up with. I wandered about the town taking in the rest of the sights, called in to Morrisons to get a few things for tomorrow when I would leave, and set off back to the campsite. I again spent the evening typing at the club bar, not for the drink but for the comfy seating in their recenlty recarpeted lounge. A couple of hours here and then it was time for bed. Just before I left I met Pat a lady from Glasgow, here with her son Finlay and his girl friend Leanne. She had come for a break from the rain in Glasgow and the festival. Apparently it had been raining for about a month on that side of Scotland. I had heard of flash floods in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and a few other places from random clips I had overheard, but it wasn't raining here. Pat asked me about what I was walking for and then invited me over in the morning for breakfast, which was an offer I shouldn't reasonably refuse, so I didn't.
Across the field to my tent and I settled into my snug little place and wondered what tomorrow would bring. At least it should start with a nice cup of tea, and something hot to eat.

I lay my head down and day 45 came rapidly to an end.

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