Monday, 20 October 2014

2014 was a very good year....Amazing Synchronicities.

Amazing Synchronicities.

The days rolled into one, yet the coming of adventure was never more alive as when I found myself 'swimming in a sea of synchronicity' here in Lincoln. Project IMAGINE still under way, I have come to be involved in several new opportunities to share the creativity of so many wonderful people, my friends. 
Since deciding not to be fully engaged in the capitalist world any more, I have been rather blessed with the kindnesses of so many people. The Revival craft cafe project that I had become involved in had suddenly been given notice to quit the building in the spring so we had to pack up and find a new venue or close. Members of the volunteer group rallied together and we found several other places to go and ended up in a rather large empty building that had not seen the general public for some three years or so. It was a former Chinese buffet restaurant and needed quite a bit of reparative work to get it ready for use. It was also a goal of many of the group to invite other groups to join us in using the space more productively. Angela's input mainly with wanting to keep the Revival project going had us taking on the building and inviting a number of groups to become involved that we have been associated with for some time. A few of the groups invited for one reason or another declined to be full founder members, but still wished to support the ideas we had proposed.
By the beginning of April we had moved our stuff in and were storing it to begin with. A huge amount of painting and cleaning would need to be done in advance of starting the cafe again, but many new and welcome volunteers were beginning to make themselves known to us. It was all a bit surreal as we tried to adjust to the new surroundings in such a huge space. Angela and I had arranged to go and walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain for a month too, so we left around the end of June for our mammoth adventure. I had offered to accompany her on this adventure to far away lands, where we discovered many new and wonderful things about people. In a very synchronistic event we actually met with Julia Baird and the Quarrymen in Santiago de Compostela at a one off concert in tribute to my hero John Lennon. As we were promoting the song I had written with my brother, COURAGE TO BE DARING, the timing could not have been better. Much poetry was also written about the adventures, (Follow this link) Julia is one of John Lennon's sisters and  huge fan of supporting music and a charity called Medecines Sans Frontiers. Also known as Doctors without Boarders. Together with her partner Roger and the Quarrymen they were sponsoring the charity and talking of potentially walking the Camino themselves at a later stage, to raise more funds and awareness of the aims of this great effort by doctors to help people in crisis all over the world.
It was an amazing concert and a privilige to have met and spoken with people who had known John Lennon. This spurred us on to do a huge chunk of the Northern Camino path from Luarca to Santiago.
Once back in the U.K. again we were very happy and surprised by the efforts of the team we had left behind, returning to a space that was well on its way to being ready for opening. I set about getting much of the repair work done and the many dedicated volunteers and helpers came to do day upon day of tedious and yet necessary tasks, to get the place habitable. Now we are using the building we have decided to call the project LINCOLNSHARE. It does what it says on the tin, so to speak. Lincoln people doing what we do for no monetary gain, but for the pleasure of sharing space, tasks, community and celebration along with all the responsibility of being a bona-fidae cooperative venture. 
Revival, craft cafe and well-being workshops. General Practice, a group of fine arts graduates. Abundant Earth Community, Eco home builders who design with Permaculture principles. Therapists providing a range of well-being activities. Cope, a group who work with the support and rehabilitation of alcohol and drug misuse people. Social Science Centre, a free cooperative higher education initiative. Frack Free Lincs, a group of local residents campaigning against the introduction of industrialisation of the landscape with Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking). Transition Town Lincoln, a group being aware and informed about local climate and resilience issues. And many many more...
In a nutshell, we are creating the change we wish to see in our community. 

I'm so very proud to be a part of this new movement towards creating abundance for everyone, and all this came from the ability to provide people with space to let their ideas flow. Sharing is the key word in all we have achieved, unity is more powerful than you can imagine....
And as if by magic, a fairy godmother came along and offered us the resources to be able to buy a building for the continuance of this project. How good is that? Altruism at it's best....
We may be moving again soon as a reasonable offer for the building has been turned down, but with our luck, we'll definitely get a better one...

Come and visit us here any time you want.

With much love, peace and harmony I wish you all a great day, thank you for reading..

Peaceful Warrior. xx

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